Vegan en un presupuesto de $ 30 / Semana

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Compras de comestibles en $ 30 / semana como un vegano.
** ACTUALIZACIÓN ** Rasque los bagels de la lista. Contienen miel.
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  1. Hey Handsome! To be a total bitch, I don't think there is such a thing as sustainable palm oil! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe there is a sustainable version of palm oil. Its all pretty detrimental….if there is, correct me 🙂 Great video! You gained a new subscriber 💟

  2. Certainly interesting, but I'd never buy non organic, non fair trade bananas and avocado. I try my best to only buy organic and fair trade, so it's probably a bit more expensive, although organic stuff is much cheaper here in Austria than in the US. Also, lots of processed food here. I understand it's an experiment though. I hope you normally buy healthier food. LOL

  3. At my market it's a pound a bowl so i can get 20 different fruit and veg. Then spend the tenner on bread rice pasta lentils beans oats hummus and milk oh and spread. That feeds 2 people

  4. i can belive how cheap everything is un you local grocery…. mine is way more expensive and dont even have many options for vegans. milk would be like 5 buck. cereal 4 to 5 bucks. i guess it depends of were you live. in my case is really expensive to be vegan. easy i sent over 70 in 8 to 9 things.

  5. 'You aren't going outside b/c it's winter.' Haha I chuckled at your tone in that. Are you Canadian also?? 🙂
    Loved this video, I definitely plan on making some of these types myself! I think it's definitely important to show people how easy it is to eat cheaply as a vegan! 🙂 #vegpower

  6. Great video, thanks!! I'm in my 50's and set in my ways when it comes to food shopping. I just recently became vegan but I can't seem to get by without spending $250 dollars a week ( for 3 adults ) This is very helpful !!

  7. Great video.  I am a Vegan as I am Allergic to all meat products and Dairy and Nuts.  I make my own Rice Milk due to also been allergic to Soy.  I make Chickpea Tofu as well.  Have a great day.  Cheers.

  8. My local grocery store will order in any product. Ask for the store manager and tell them what you want. Corporations operate on supply and demand…so let's DEMAND!

  9. I don't know what you are talking about, dude. Here in Britain "you pay £30 entrance" to the shop with Vegan stuff (if you get my meaning). Some Vegan ingredients, like Vital Wheat Gluten (£8 per little bag, to make Seitan), are very expensive! Vegan Cheese is expensive too and so is Nut Milk. Raw Nuts, dried fruit and so on, all expensive. I can put beans and pasta in my trolley for few pounds but the whole diet costs more money. The meat and dairy we don't eat, are probably the cheapest foods we have cut out of our diet. Everything we added instead, cost more. If I don't buy fruit and veg from the street market which is cheaper, I wouldn't be able to afford what I need to consume. Also I find that local independent shops are cheaper than supermarkets. Finally, I have to wait for offers so then I buy in bulk. I think the solution to all our troubles should be that shops stop selling meat and dairy products soon. With all people Vegan, life will be so much better! Or so I wish every day!   ;  )

  10. Im vegan but where i live, everything you bought would literally be AT LEAST double the price for me. And I thought the prices at my stores/farmers market were pretty decent too. Where do you even live?!? My mind is blown.

  11. it's so refreshing to know when i go off to college i can get so much vegan food for so cheap. i could for sure live off 15$ of food a week if i subbed veggies for frozen


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